Wood Burning and Multiple Fuel Stoves

Grate Fires Ltd. are pleased to supply and install a wide range of multifuel and wood burning stoves. We firmly believe that, beyond obvious practical purposes, a stove should be aesthetically pleasing too. This has been at the forefront of our mind when selecting our range for you. We can also install a stove that you have purchased as long as it’s in safe working order and is a heatas and defra approved appliance.

Quality And Finish

Our installation of wood burning stoves come in both traditional and modern styles, so there will always be something to suit your aesthetic preferences with no compromise on quality. At Grate Fires, we keep up to date with the latest developments in technology, consequently, our wood burning stoves keep emissions levels to a minimum. Not only does this benefit the environment, but also saves you money by improving efficiency. Our range of installations of wood burning stoves encompasses models from respected manufactures such as Chesney’s Morso, Stovax, Clear View and many more hetas and defra approved appliances.
The principal benefit of multifuel stoves are their capacity to burn either wood or coal, depending on personal preference and the cost of fuel at any given time. It’s reassuring to know that multifuel stoves offer the same high efficiency as wood burning stoves. Our range includes traditional models from the likes of Belgravia and Salisbury as well as more modern examples from Milan and Shoreditch.
We are always pleased to share our expertise with our customers. Should you require any advice on the right wood burning or multifuel stove for you, or would like a quotation for the supply and installation of a fireplace, please call 020 8807 2353, email us or send your enquiry through our online form.