The Importance of Using Building Regulations in Fireplace Fitting

Installing a new fireplace or wood burning stove is an excellent way to update the look of a room, adding character, as well providing a hating source and probably adding value to your property. The installation process however, is a complicated one, regulated by strict building controls and safety laws, which absolutely must be adhered to.

Although it is not strictly illegal to fit a fireplace yourself, without any relevant qualifications, as long as you follow building regulations, it is something you do not want to risk getting wrong, and for the small extra expense, it is always advised that you hire a trained professional to do the job safely and efficiently.

The factors of fireplace installation covered by building regulations, meaning specific safety procedures must be followed, include the installation of wood burning and all other solid fuel appliances, as well as the installation or relining of flues and chimneys. This is regulated with the requirement for an application to be submitted to building control, through your local council, before works are started, no matter who is carrying out the work.

The role of building control is to ensure that all work is done to a sufficient standard; that it poses no physical or environmental risk, and that linings are sufficient in their role of minimising the risk of chimney fires.

It is likely that a building inspector will visit your property to inspect the fireplace and its surroundings both before work starts, and during or on completion of the installation. Inspectors will be looking to see if flues and chimneys are properly lines and structurally sound, ensuring the risk of blockages or build-up is low, and therefore the risk of house or chimney fires minimal.

Using a trained professional for the installation of your fireplace will give you peace of mind throughout this process, as well as long term assurance that the risk of fire is minimal, and the fireplace completely safe. It is illegal within the UK to install a fireplace with a chimney or flue without consulting building control, and it is absolutely not worth the risk of not doing, should anything go wrong, as it could make home insurance void.

At Grate Fires we provide stove installation in London and the surrounding area, at very competitive prices, and using highly trained professionals who work in accordance of safety and building regulations at all times. Our main priority is to provide an excellent service, and work of an extremely high standard of safety and quality.

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